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RFB Patented Food Safety Process

Patented food safety process

Chemical-Free Patented Food Safety Process

Our process uses RF photons at specific frequencies to energize (activate) specific targeted molecules in the host commodity and its pests inducing well-controlled thermal and electronic effects that lead to disinfection (pasteurization), disinfestation, enzyme inactivation and drying effects.

Contrary to conventional thermal processing, RF heats volumetrically and is able to penetrate packaging materials thus providing opportunities for effective sanitation while minimizing or avoiding re-contamination. RF is thus a physical, chemical-free (residue free, non-additive) new process applicable to conventional and to organic commodities.

RF Biocidics Inc. is operating on the basis of new applications of RF power in the food & agriculture areas developed at the University of California, Davis, patented (US patent # 6,638,475) and licensed.


Patented Food Safety Process

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