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What We Do at RF Biocidics

RF Biocidics Inc. manufactures different lines of equipment specifically designed for the elimination of food related pathogens, pests, and fungi. The engineered systems offer quick and convenient treatment with no change to sensory, nutritional or functional values.

The APEX and SENTINEL product lines focus on achieving consistent reliable pathogen control, high throughput efficiency, and cost effective performance without the use of chemicals or the limitations of external steam treatment or conductive heating. These machines (depending on the commodity) may also be used for drying and/or other applications. Our solutions are energy and space efficient alternatives to traditional technologies.

RF Biocidics offers the ideal alternative to chemicals, surface heating (hot air or steam) and ionizing radiation. RF Biocidics also offers drying and enzyme deactivation (de-germination).

Advantages of RF Biocidics System

  • Chemical-free, non-polluting
  • Process commodities in select consumer packaging avoiding recontamination
  • Continuous flow, fully automated operation
  • Effective, user friendly, safe operation

RF Biocidics’ Products are Designed with the Customer in Mind

  • No flavor or sensory impact
  • No effect on nutritional value
  • Adjustable configuration capable of running a wide range of commodities
  • Low cost of ownership, high power efficiency and continuous power monitoring
  • Free from the negatives of steam and dry heat
  • Effective deactivation of human and plant pathogens
  • Enhanced safety using state of the art sensors and interlocks
  • FDA & FCC compliant
  • In service today treating tree nuts, edible seeds, spices, dried herbs, tobacco, grains, flour, dried fruit, pickles and pet food
  • Currently developing applications for various other commodities, soils, irrigation & waste water, and fresh produce

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