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Our Food Safety Philosophy

The global food supply introduces challenges in food safety that impact all of us. Contamination with a wide variety of pests and pathogens creates an increasing need for an easy, safe and reliable commodity treatment system. We are industry game-changers. Our philosophy has been to promote and create a chemical-free, safe, and effective process to address these food safety challenges head on.

Who Is RF Biocidics

Founded in California in 2008, RF Biocidics Inc. is a fast-growing company providing an environmentally friendly, chemical-free alternative for disinfection, disinfestation and drying of food and other products. This novel, organic (NOP) technology has a broad range of potential applications, including food safety, agriculture, import/export compliance and wood and wastewater treatment. RF Biocidics designs, develops and operates disinfection and disinfestation systems on behalf of its worldwide customers to create the next generation of food safety solutions.

Our experienced team of trained professionals consists of the brightest minds in biology, microbiology, engineering and more. We are motivated and energized by finding solutions and adapting to the needs of those we serve. We seek to change the way the industry looks at food safety and the natural environment, and to revolutionize the way people think about the food they eat.

RF Biocidics Inc. is headquartered in Sacramento, CA. New systems are being installed in California, South America, Australia and the Middle East.


Food Safety Technology

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